“I would like to take the time to give my personal opinion and experience regarding Dr. Marian Fritzemeier as a trainer and a consultant with Restorative Practices. The trainings that I’ve received from Marian were very helpful and very informative. The Restorative Practices trainings helped me to understand how to help problem solve and communicate with students when there are conflicts. It gives everyone involved a chance to be heard and a chance to communicate in a safe space about their feelings. The trainings also taught me how to handle discipline matters in a positive way instead of a negative way. I would definitely recommend the Restorative Practices trainings with Dr. Marian Fritzemeier for anyone who is in a school atmosphere dealing with students. Thank you Dr. Fritzemeier for all your help and support here at Franklin Elementary School.”

Brenda Patton
Community Aide/Attendance Liaison,
Franklin Elementary School,

“When Dr. Fritzemeier implemented the new CLDV 04 Observation and Assessment course, she created an innovative learning collaboration by utilizing the CDC teaching staff’s expertise and input. Up to 30 students observe three hours/week in one of five classrooms. Dr. Fritzemeier is an excellent communicator who takes great care in establishing expectations both for lab students as well the supervising teaching staff.”

Marilyn Scorby
Retired Director of Child Development Center,
Merced College, CA,

“Dr. Fritzemeier and her team always begin with the end in mind. Through her leadership, she is able to run effective PLC in Restorative Practice. With her experience as a former educator, she has the ability to listen and dissect real education scenarios and provide interventions to remove barriers for students, parents, and staff. It is clearly evident to see that she wants to see our youth get back on track so learning can take place. Dr. Fritzemeier is one of a kind!”

Anthony Ball, Jr.
Assistant Principal,
Modesto High School,

“I first met Dr. Marian Fritzemeier while working as an assistant principal at Burbank Elementary. I found Dr. Fritzemeier’s approach to her consulting and training very compassionate. The training she provided over a five-year period while at Burbank was extremely useful. The restorative principles she taught and promoted played a big part in the establishment of Burbank’s model of practice. Dr. Fritzemeier’s consultation session helped me implement those values school-wide. I could not recommend her program enough!”

E. Lopez Jr.
Former Vice Principal,
Burbank Elementary,

“I first met Marian when we were hired at Merced College, but I truly began to appreciate her talents and organizational skills while working on the Staff Development committee approximately three years ago. Marian was able to work with a variety of people, to keep all on task, and delegate assignments when necessary—always in a manner that was collaborative and respectful. Whenever a decision needed to be made, Marian would research thoroughly and present for the group to make decisions.”

Kitty Cazares, RN, MSN, PHN
RN Program Director,
Merced College, CA,

“Dr. Fritzemeier worked diligently and conscientiously to become an extraordinary instructor during her years at Merced College, earning outstanding evaluations. She also assumed a leadership role in her discipline, completing the program review for child development and aligning the curriculum with the California Alignment Project…. Marian offers a comprehensive knowledge of her discipline, many years of experience in her field, an interest in research and publication, and a talent for teaching and inspiring students…. She is a team player who has the desire and ability to work well with all of her colleagues. She has shown great initiative and dedication to her job. And she cares deeply about student success.”

John Spevak, Ph.D.
Retired Vice President of Instruction,
Merced College, CA,

“Marian is hard-working, dedicated, and passionate about her students’ success. She works cooperatively with teachers and professors to bring together all resources available for her students. I have worked with Marian as a Lead Teacher in her lab classroom and I have taken a class from her. She provides quality assignments that build on each other and provides for a quality learning experience for her students.”

Leslie Meister
Lead Teacher,
Merced College Child Development Teacher, CA,

Releasing teachers from their classrooms for professional development can be delicate. If they are going to spend the time, they want it to be relevant, engaging, delivered by competent trainers, and include some practical take-aways they can apply in their classrooms the next day. All of these were true of the Restorative Practices training provided to MCS by Youth For Christ. It has been a valuable experience that I would not hesitate to repeat. Positive approaches to student discipline are critical pieces in changing schools and communities. I can think of few training topics that hit so close to the core of having the potential to change the educational trajectory of our youth

Mike Henderson
Assistant Superintendent,
Modesto City Schools,

“When the District decided to begin training our sites on Restorative Practices, it was important we found a contractor who was knowledgeable, engaging, and able to persuade our staff to see the importance of using an alternative approach to school discipline. Youth for Christ exceeded our expectations in all of these areas. Their trainings were of top quality, activity-oriented, and they used a collaborative coaching model to assist our sites in moving forward. I would highly recommend contracting with Youth for Christ to any District interested in implementing Restorative Practice.”

Mark Herbst
Associate Superintendent,
Modesto City Schools,

Dr. Fritzemeier has supported Orville Wright students and staff as a consultant and trainer with Restorative Practices. It has been a pleasure having Dr. Fritzemeier as she observes, provides feedback, and empowers all of our staff to make meaningful connections with our flyers. She has made a positive impact with our staff as they implement new learning (Restorative Practices). We are looking forward to working with Dr. Fritzemeier this school year.

Javier Lara
Orville Wright Elementary, Modesto CA,

“Dr. Fritzemeier recently presented the positive and negative impacts of using a clip up/down chart in the classroom for management. She used research and data to demonstrate how the use of the strategy could impede progress with teaching PBIS behaviors. The group she presented to was diverse in years of experience, teaching philosophies, and PBIS techniques. Dr. Fritzemeier respected the audience with compassionate responses while honoring systems that teachers may already have in place.  Staff were able to listen to the research and data then make informed decisions on their management and PBIS plans for their classroom community of learners.  We are eager to welcome Dr. Fritzemeier back for part two of this session!” 

Marla Conteh
Bret Harte Elementary,
  • Are you relieved when certain students are absent?
  • Do you have students who “push your buttons”?
  • Do you find yourself butting heads with the same students day-after-day?

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