Restorative Practices and the Home School Connection: Secondary (Introductory)

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This workshop introduces parents/caregivers to changes in school discipline at their students’ school site. Parents/caregivers will learn why punishment doesn’t work for many students and how changing our questions about adolescents’ misbehavior shifts from breaking rules to repairing relationships. Parents/caregivers will role play restorative questions that are used at school and can easily be used […]

Restorative Practices and the Home School Connection: Elementary (Introductory)

Restorative Practices and the Home School Connection: Elementary (Introductory)

Have you heard about the school-to-prison pipeline? Are you concerned with the number of students suspended from schools? This workshop begins by addressing school discipline concerns and explains why punishment doesn’t work. The school discipline change features a shift from rules and punishment to relationships and restorative approaches. Parents/caregivers will role play restorative questions that […]

Helping Children (or Teens) Change Their Behavior (Intermediate)

Change Behavior

Restorative practices are based on the fundamental belief that our children (or teens) are the happiest, healthiest and most likely to make positive changes in their behavior when parents/caregivers do things with them rather than to them or for them. []Based on the social engagement window, parents/caregivers will discover where their discipline style lies on […]

Restorative Parenting: Building Stronger Relationships with Your Children or Teens (Introductory)

Restorative Parenting

Your student’s school is using Restorative Practices as an alternative to punitive discipline. How can you use these strategies at home? Parents/caregivers will understand the basics of Restorative Practices and how and why to incorporate them into their parenting. Through practice and discussion, parents and caregivers will learn skills through a Restorative Practices lens. These […]

Dodging the Power-Struggle Trap for Parents/Caregivers (Introductory)

Dodging the Power struggle Trap

Does this sound familiar? You ask your child or teen to do something, and it ends with opposition, aggression, or apathy to your request? Power struggles typically do not end well. They create distance and hostility instead of closeness and trust. Where do power struggles come from and what are our kids/teens trying to achieve? […]

Overview of Restorative Practices in Schools


This is a perfect presentation for those new to restorative practices in schools. Zero tolerance and punishment that doesn’t work for many students has led to what’s now known as the school-to-prison pipeline. But there’s good news. Modesto City Schools District’s LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) has included Restorative Practices as one alternative to decrease […]

  • Are you relieved when certain students are absent?
  • Do you have students who “push your buttons”?
  • Do you find yourself butting heads with the same students day-after-day?

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