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Restorative Practices Changes Treatment of Students

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Often we focus on how restorative practices can change our students and school climate. But it
can also change us . . . those responsible for implementation.

One Cohort 2 (2014-2015), year 3 administrator tells his/her story.

“Restorative practices has affected me personally by changing the way I interview and question kids about behaviors by using restorative questioning techniques.

This has affected me by creating a shift from punitive actions and a ‘remember what you did’ mindset to working to develop a sense of community and responsibility. This has led to a more productive and trusting relationships with students and parents.

It has changed the way I interact with my own children.”

How has restorative practices affected you personally?

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  • Are you relieved when certain students are absent?
  • Do you have students who “push your buttons”?
  • Do you find yourself butting heads with the same students day-after-day?

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