Fine Tuning the Nuances of Restorative Questions (Intermediate)

Fine Tuning Image
Length: 1 Hour
Recommended Pre-Requisite: None

You know the restorative questions. You use them with students and staff. But sometimes they feel awkward while at other times you get stuck. Is there anything else you can do? This workshop, Fine Tuning the Nuances of Restorative Questions, helps educators introduce restorative questions to students, effectively deal with students’ interruptions, use a conversational style, summarize the process, reach an agreement, and determine when to go beyond apologies.

With practice time included, educators will fine tune how effectively they use restorative questions with others. Workshop Length: 1 hour

  • Are you relieved when certain students are absent?
  • Do you have students who “push your buttons”?
  • Do you find yourself butting heads with the same students day-after-day?

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