Restorative Apologies, Beyond Just Saying, “Sorry.” Elementary or Secondary (Introductory)

Length: 45 Minutes

Do you know that insincere apologies can cause more harm than help? They are also ineffective in many situations. In this workshop, Restorative Apologies connects restorative questions with potential apologies. Rather than just saying, “I’m sorry,” which is often not genuine, educators learn how to help others make a full apology. Full apologies usually have three parts corresponding to verb tenses: past, present, and future. The 4-part model is easy to learn and implement. Tips on responding to repetitive apologies with no change in behavior and a computer program students can use to write apology letters are included. Pre-requisite: Introduction to Restorative Questions. Workshop Length: 45 minutes

  • Are you relieved when certain students are absent?
  • Do you have students who “push your buttons”?
  • Do you find yourself butting heads with the same students day-after-day?

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