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Using Academic Content Circles to Explore Presidents Day

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Do your students know why they get two days off from school in February? Many lower elementary grade teachers do activities that center on Presidents George Washing and Lincoln. As students move to upper grades, educators can still focus on the meaning of Presidents’ Day. Academic content circles are a perfect way to re-mind students of why they have holidays. You’ll find 20 circles prompts listed by grade levels ready for you to use. 1, 2

 Prompts for K-2nd

  1. What is the president’s main job? (one word)
  2. What character trait makes a good president? (one word)
  3. Some students are required to memorize all the presidents’ names in order. Do you think this is important for people to know? (Yes or no?)
  4. Celebrating Presidents’ Day is important because…
  5. If you could ask the president any question, what would it be?

Prompts for 3rd & 4th  

  1. What is the president’s main job? (one word)
  2. If you could have dinner with any president, alive or dead, who would it be? (one name)
  3. __________ was the best president ever because…
  4. If I were the president, I would…
  5. How would you make a hard choice if you were the president?

Prompts for 5th & 6th

  1. Why do we think of Abraham Lincoln as “honest Abe”?
  2. Why is Abraham Lincoln one of the most important presidents in U.S. history?
  1. Abraham Lincoln’s powerful words led our country through its most difficult time. Why is learning about Abraham Lincoln important to your life?
  2. Abraham Lincoln is remembered as one of the greatest men of all time. He overcame many difficulties and was a determined learner. When America goes through a tough time, what does the president needs to do?
  3. What’s a difficulty you’ve overcome?

Prompts for Secondary

  1. The president symbolizes…
  1. Why is George Washington one of the most important presidents in U.S. history?
  2. What do you think was an advantage to being our country’s first president?
  3. What do you think was a disadvantage to being our country’s first president?
  4. If you were the president, what issue would you focus on?


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